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Nude scene makeup

NARS sets the stage for a spring makeup look that is a barely-there take on neutrals.

NARS Nude Scene Spring 2015 Makeup Collection

Tone on tone on tone of beautiful, understated colors for eyes, cheeks and lips. The Valhalla Eyeshadow is gorgeous.

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There is a soft nude to the scene and color-wise, it reads a bit more peach on me. The Reckless Blush is also beautiful.

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In the compact, the sample I received is a fleshy-pink-peach shade that is lighter in tone than the Valhalla eyeshadow. When you apply it, however, it definitely reads pink.

The Sex-Proof Face: How to Apply Makeup Tonight

There is a subtle shimmer. I love this makeup carolinenude fakes a highlighter than a blush, to be honest. The I also tried Guyane Lip Gloss. What surprised me was the opacity of this shade.