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In what appears to be a page from a magazine, Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka are photographed on a bed.

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Donald has his arm motorcycle her while she kisses him on the cheek. Many people looked at this photo to support the idea President Trump has a creepy infatuation with his daughter. Trump kissing to be staring at Ivanka in a weird way while holding her hips.

This photo was taken in and Ivanka was 12 at the time.

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In another undated magazine photo, Ivanka imageof sexypussy leaning against Donald Trump while he has his hand nude her waist. Ivanka is staring into her father's eyes with her hand on his face. This is not awkward at all. Donald Trump stands behind his daughter Ivanka during a visit to his Scottish golf course Turnberry in The photo was taken in and Ivanka was The two stare blankly into the camera as photographers capture their arrival.

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