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Johnny came to Hollywood to be an actor, but only got work as an extra and in knoxville, so he decided to go a different route and start spraying himself in the japanes pornstar images with pepper spray.

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After three seasons and naked latinonudes movies of putting matchbox cars in their butts, electrocuting their testicles, and flying kites with a butt plug, Johnny and the Jackass gang are known the world over for their willingness to do just about anything for a laugh. We have to admit, we love seeing Johnny Knoxville's funny bone! Johnny shows some skin in The RingerSkiptraceand Jackass We get a great look at his johnny chest in Jackass: Knoxville Movie and who could forget when Johnny brings the booty during the credits The Dukes of Hazzard while jumping out of a johnny with his pants pulled down.

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However our favorite place to see Johnny with his clothes off is in Jackass Nude Two Unfortunately, he keeps his goodies hidden with his hands. Then Johnny shows off his tight tush for a Bad Grandpa prank. Bad Grandpa - as Irving Zisman.

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Jackass Number Two - as Himself. The Dukes of Hazzard - as Luke Duke.

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The Movie - as Himself. Made with love in Chicago nude ! All Rights Reserved.