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North Korean leaders are said to hold exclusive sexual parties, with thousands of young girls hand-picked from schools. But is Kim Jong-un carrying on the tradition?

Prostitution in North Korea

The girls are picked out at random by soldiers — sometimes from their own school classrooms. Their family and medical histories are closely examined, and routine check-ups are performed to ensure their virginity is ecchi teen tumblr. These are the claims of various defectors who managed to escape North Korea over the past decade.

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Each one describes the mysterious group in similar terms - a bizarre secret world where girls are plucked out of society and trained as high-class adult entertainers.

Nouth Pleasure Squad is made up of North Korean girls, and divided into three specialised groups - one for sexual services, one for giving massages, and one for live singing and dancing, which they can be made to do semi-nude.

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Within the walls of North Korea, the practice is incredibly secretive, and knowledge of its existence comes solely from defectors who have fled to China or South Korea.

Kim Jong-un has reportedly reformed the Pleasure Squad.

Former female soldier reveals the brutal reality of life in the North Korean army

From that moment on, the girls are not permitted to see or speak to their relatives. After defecting, she told her story to Marie Claire magazine in She said she was only 15 years old when two men in bemedalled green soldier uniforms stormed her classroom without warning, and scanned the room.

Mi-Hyang said they made nude detailed record of her schooling and family history, and directly asked korea if she had ever had sex with a boy.