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Named NN-House, the two-storey family residence is hose in amongst a jumble of properties that include a five-storey apartment block to the north and a two-storey residence to the south, so privacy was one of the most important aspects of the design.

The courtyard is slotted into a triangular space at model back of the house, while the terrace is located a storey above and both are screened behind the exterior walls.


Most hose face out to the terrace and courtyard, while others are arranged in narrow strips along the tops of the walls. Two bedrooms and a traditional Japanese room are on the ground floor of the house, while a combined kitchen, living room model dining room occupy the entire first floor.

One staircase connects the floors inside the building, while another ascends between the courtyard and the terrace. A mezzanine loft sits directly above the kitchen beneath the highest section of the roof and opens out to elli fuck pics balcony overlooking the street.

The architect used a monochrome colour palette for the walls of the house, with black on the outer surfaces and white for the interiors.

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This rule is broken in a handful of spaces to emphasise protruding volumes and edges. See more architecture in Japan. Height restriction of the area is not strict therefore it is surrounded by buildings with various heights.

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