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Neighbour nude bathing

Neighbour girl bathing spying porn clips

Started by Guest19 Jun Posted 19 Jun How about setting up your bench, and a pair of binoculars, in their plain view? Send the message that when they are showering, they will not be alone I think this could neighbour be your answer - just mention to her in private that you are not too sure that you aren't lesbian, and I am pretty certain she will rethink the position of the bathing But seriously, you'll see as local orgy party at any swimmming pool here, I really don't see it as a problem.

We had a little boy about looking into our backyard not to long ago, watching me garden. His dad yelled at him that that is a private area and not for peering into.

What should we do about our naked neighbour?

He got a whole lecture about respecting your neighbors privacy. You live next door to your brother-in-law??? Far too close for comfort.


I'm sure nude sort of proximity to family is one of the main reasons many of us would have moved here for!