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You should start going to the gym - just so other men can catch glimpses of nakeddailydrool But knowing you, you'd give them more than a glimpse, you put on a show to rival Madonna and Lady GaGa combined. Thanks, Sean, but as a shower older dude, I doubt that I would attract much attention amongst all the beautiful younger guys in the gym!

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I have no muscles nakeddailydrool all, ferfie masturbating maybe for my legs. But I'd love to check out all hotties, sweating with their beefy thighs straddling the machine. I'd also need a friend to show me how all the machines are used.

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You are absolutely right Clever post. I don't like hot tubs for sex at all Sex in the shower, on the other hand, is shower fun - especially at the gym. On weekends mine is totally empty, so I always bring a friend along. Yes, from my one hot tub sex experience, it was way too hot.