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Ancient Chamorros believed the world around them was full of spirits naked provided both daily protection and assistance in their tasks, but also created dangers and problems. The connection between Chamorros and these spirits has changed over time, primarily due to cultural changes that came about from Spanish colonization and Christianization. Slowly over time, these spirits have changed from the ante of ancestors to the wily ghosts, devils and guamanians that play tricks or cause harm to Chamorros today.

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In this guamanians, these spirits played a huge role in the daily life of Chamorros offering assistance and protection with all sorts of daily tasks. These spirits were treated as members of the family and were referred to be name or through terms of endearment. In all things they would be honored and thanked for their role in keeping the family safe, prosperous and strong.

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Ceremonies were held amongst families and s engsong siha villages to celebrate naked spirits and show their respect to them by making offerings of food and artifacts, as well as competitions of physical and mental skill in their honor. These spirits were invoked and called upon in times of great danger.

Even in times of life-threatening danger or crisis, it would be these spirits that Chamorros would call to nude help babe aid. These were remote spirits, which could not be easily counted upon for help as if members of a clan, but instead had to communicated with primarily through intermediaries such as makanas.

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