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The airport suspended operations a second time on Tuesday evening, after managing to briefly reopen in the morning and afternoon. Couple of hours ago: Now they gathered naked in the arrival hall, expecting yet another police attack.

This woman has become the new symbol of Hong Kong’s protests – here’s why

HK Riot Police fired bullet and headshot a young lady. I am not sure girl her right eye will turn blind or not but it is totally insane and terrible. US should not export tear gas and rubber bullet to HK Police anymore. What is a beanbag round? Defence technology company Security Devices International defines it as a projectile made of a small fabric pillow filled with lead pellets.

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Accepted them after declining twice. The young woman who was shot by Hong Kong police in the eye with what appeared to be bean bag round quickly becoming the latest image of tremendous anger with police and their tactics.

Calls for a mass rally at the airport this afternoon. The massive crowd caused the airport to shut down temporarily, with about flights cancelled naked korean webcam Monday night.

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