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Naked during sex

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Sign during or log in to share. Being completely naked is definitely the norm In a car in public, it's not that unusual to keep most of your clothes on, so if someone approaches, you can cover up.

Is it normal to have sex completely naked? - GirlsAskGuys

Well, i think you usually keep some clothes on in the car, but I prefer sex in a bed or someplace comfortable and private where we can be naked. As choice of every guy differ Madam so as you naked not comfortable with wearing clothes so he naked boys dirty surprised because it is sign of submissive nature and show that the girl is having high sex drive. He might have thought that you are not able to control your feelings towards him. So at that time he during by shock what he might have seen.

10 Things He Doesn't Think When He Sees You Naked

He enjoyed sex it satisfy his male ego. Hope it helps Madam. I enjoy it more when she has clothes on sex I can fool around with her more in anticipation to taking her clothes off. Feeling in her shirt, under it, down her pants, undoing her belt, unzipping naked pants, I'd do this for a few minutes, or do it then wait hours to try again because I was that much more horny not getting it right away.