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Mussolini naked

Not much has stayed secret about the tumultuous private naked of Benito Mussolini. Mussolini's mistress, Claretta Petacci, claimed in her diary that in the then princess and wife of the heir to the throne tried and failed to seduce the dictator at a beach mussolini near Rome.

In a letter reproduced by the weekly magazine Oggi, Mussolini's son Romano quotes his mother as saying that there was a "brief period of intimate romantic relations between my father and the then princess of Piedmont".

Death of Benito Mussolini

While still a child, it was decided that she naked marry into the Italian royal family and in she wed Umberto of Savoy, the only son of King Victor Emmanuel. By her own subsequent account, the marriage was not a happy one, and she separated from her husband after the Italian monarchy was abolished by referendum in freeexstreamehardcoreporn She lived for most of the rest of her life in Switzerland where she died in But she did, it would seem, have time for Mussolini.

It has long been known that the Italian dictator was compulsively promiscuous: According to Petacci's diaries from the period, Mussolini told her that the princess had tried to seduce him at Castelporziano, a coastal area south of Rome where mussolini king had made available to him a hunting estate in bareback orgy Mussolini entertained many of his lovers.

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She quoted the fascist leader as saying: