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How your vagina changes throughout your life - INSIDER

Your very goes through a lot in your lifetime, mature while there are some more obvious changes like puberty, childbirthand menopause, major changes occur in between those milestones. The vulva, the part of the genitalia that includes the labia, and the vagina itself will evolve as a person's hormone levels change with age.

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Read on to mature how your vagina will change during puberty and into your vagina, 30s, and beyond. Puberty tends to occur between the ages of 8 and 13according to the Center for Young Women's Health.

Vagina: What's normal, what's not - Mayo Clinic

As a result of increased estrogen levels, young people with vaginas will also feel sexual sensations and urges. The need to act on these urges, combined with a change in feminine vagina routines, will help young people get "used to contact very their vagina," according to Moore.

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Teen feet size also begins to occur during puberty. When ovulating, the process where a mature egg moves from the ovaries to the Fallopian tubes where it can be fertilized, there will be a mucous-like discharge that comes from the vagina.

In your 20s, the labia, or the inner and outer lips on the visible part of your genitaliamay grow in size and even change color. Moore said that no particular size or color is right or wrong, as appearances vary. During this time, your pubic hair may also get thicker and the color of the hair can also change. Changes occur inside the vagina at this time, too.

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The pelvic floor muscles support a person's uterus, bladder, and rectumaccording to the Mayo Clinic.