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Malayali, who is generally very cautious, is a different person once he is drunk.

Psychiatrists say that many Malayalis are unable to handle their drink, leading to disinhibition, risk-taking behaviour and loss of judgement. Malayaligirls all netizens into frenzy, the less-than-one-minute clip showcased the romantic chemistry between Priya and her co-actor Roshan Abdul.

What shook everyone was the sudden lip-lock kiss towards the end of the teaser. A year old girl, who was malayaligirls allegedly by a year-old at Kumbha Nagar under Cumshots pictures malayaligirls station limits of Chittorgarh on Saturday night, had to be operated upon by doctors in a government hospital after her condition deteriorated due to excessive bleeding.

Edgar Pinto from Kochi recently ran the Boston Marathon and became the first Malayali to finish all the six big runs that are called the World Marathon Majors. Mon, Aug 19, Updated Notification Center. Malayali women's bold art. More Malayalis join IS in Afghanistan.