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Lsm kissing

Lucy suffers from unrequited love for Schroeder. Lucy tries to get Schroeder's attention, but usually fails.

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Schulz 's real life relationship with his first wife. Lucy's love for Lsm began on January 27, Ever since then, she has been madly in love with him. She is constantly seen leaning on Schroeder's pianotrying to get his attention, but usually failing. Schroeder would rather play his piano than listen to her. Lucy has tried almost everything, from just talking to him to walking over and kissing him. Lucy's love for Schroeder has made her do crazy kissing. She even mentioned that the sexy carol reason she kissing Charlie Brown's baseball team was because she loved Schroeder, who is the catcher, and frequently tells Charlie Brown to tell Schroeder that she thinks he is cute.

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Lucy uses two main tactics to get Schroeder's attention, both involving Beethoven. Many times she acts lsm she is also a huge Beethoven fan, thinking that will impress him.

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She says he was a great composer and a great musician. She tries to give Schroeder pictures and statues of Beethoven, but he never accepts them.