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7 times I lived like I was in sex and the city

First, I want to thank Debra Satz for being our guest on the show yesterday. It was interesting and fun.

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I hope it was also enlightening. The discussion sex provoked lots of calls, e-mails, and even comments on the blog. Even in philosophy, sex sells, I guess.

S-E-X: Why It May Help You Live Longer

I tend to side with those who think criminalization probably makes what is already a bad situation for many much worse. And that makes it relatively easy to envision legal frameworks that outlaw or discourage certain forms of prostitution, but permit or incentivize other less debasing and destructive forms.

There will always be people in dire straits with few options but to strike live bargains. But my focus in this post is not on the admittedly difficult collection of social and political questions connected to the legalization of prostitution. I want rather to explore a little bit further an idea I was trying out on the air.

Neither Debra nor John accepted the proto-argument I gave bitty schram sex the air.

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