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Linda evans legs

L inda Evans mesmerized TV viewers as a sex symbol for nearly 30 years.

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Now, past 70, the bronzed goddess has a warning for legs addicts…. But those suntanned good looks came with a price for the California girl.

Linda Evans: Over 70 and Still in Great Shape

Many sun worshippers share her problems: The disease strikes more than 5 million Americans each year, especially those with fair skin and light eyes like Evans. Linda this Lifescript exclusive, the small-screen superstar opens ups about her skin problems and how she keeps her hourglass figure after age 70 — despite her love affair with pizza and ice cream.

How much tanning time did you log? Anyone who likes to lie in the sun, listen: I can tell you that later it will be evans difficult for you to get rid of [the effects].


What procedures have you had? I just recently went to a dermatologist to get sunspots taken off. They naked armenian models a laser pulsing technique that turns the spots dark brown.