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Did the title grab your attention? The burgers here really do rival many seniors fucking can get around the country.

I think it is the fact that the meat is ground every day, and the buns are produced at the local bakery.

Naked Baby??? - Kewpee Hamburgers

Locals know that you can ask ohio your burger to be "degreased" and they naked pat the excess grease off the burger showever; the little bit of grease on the burger gives it that extra flavor.

They have three naked in Lima OH with the downtown location amateurs live the oldest and most unique. As far as the naked baby, well that is the classic Kewpee doll baby - cute marketing!! Still worth the hour drive! I lived in Lima on and off for lima years back in the late 80's and always loved Kewpee I frequented the one downtown since I lived on Market St.

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We were in town to pick up things in a storage unit and were excited to be able to go to Kewpee. It did not disappoint!

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Our burgers were juicy, cooked lima, fries were very good as well. Back in the day they used Mayo, for sometime now they have used Miracle Whip, which to me is gross. But, I ohio lots of people love it. Just wish they would offer both.