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Lesbian sorority experiements

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One night lesbian college, in the height of pledging for my sorority, I was forced to dance for all the fraternities on campus to absurdly sexual songs, including Lil' Wayne's "Lollipop. I remember thinking that that night was one of the greatest nights of my college career to date.

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And it was fun! It was so, so fun!

The Harsh Truth: Why Non-Lesbian Girls Mess With Other Girls

I hadn't hung out with a lot of the girls in my pledge class before, and as the night progressed I grew to really experiements all of them. But when it was all over, and I finally crashed back in my dorm room, it hit me that not only am I a terrible dancer, but also that the catcalling and cheering I had gotten from the boys just an hour ago was definitely not nice.


I felt ashamed and a little gross that I had thought that I looked good in my ridiculous skin-tight outfit and that I thought that the activity was meant to be fun. But I knew it was what I'd have to do korsn girlsbpossed out I wanted to become a sister in my chosen sorority.

Pledging a sorority was at once one of the best and worst decisions I've sorority made. I can trace both my best friends in the entire world and the FOMO that haunts me every Friday and Saturday night to this day back to the term during which I pledged my sorority.