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Leah Dizon Bikini (88)

The March issue of Nikkei Entertainment! Out of nowhere, a foreign model has stepped foot on sacred soil to displace the pre-existing domestic army of half-naked gals to win the hearts of hard-working Japanese men.

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In dizon the last few months, Leah Dizon has gone from the fringes of the industry to the becoming a ubiquitous face on the subway ads for weekly magazines. She is neither Japanese by blood breast speaks the local language with much fluency, but her success proves that such properties were never actually necessary to fit into the plastic fantastic world of selling visual amateurporn org to the male of the species.

Leah Dizon

She has gone from looking like a throbbing orb of aggressive sexuality to a demure and well-groomed model out of Can Cam. She first must become cute and adorable in a slightly infantile way to establish a non-threatening demeanor.

Only then can she show off some skin. Otherwise her curves and sinister smile are an attack on non-confident male sexuality rather than a reward for it. Here again we come to the psycho-sexual underpinnings of American and Japanese porn. Cast into simplified binaries deduced from the dominant tenor of the leah, American men want women who echo their own hawkish and callous approach to casual sex; Japanese men are interested in reluctance rather than a predictable submission.

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Sex in Japan should be a sphere in which the man is the only warrior — where the hawk devours the dove. American way is too straightforward so it appears just like sports, not erotic at all.

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They know they are pervert but not being pervert is womnsex irani the goal at all.