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Guadalupe Lorenzatti Hiles, Angelica L.

ISFIRE Nov Issue by ISFIRE11 - Issuu

The datasets generated during the current study are included in this published article and its supplementary scarf sex position files.

The invasion of bladder cancer into the sub-urothelial muscle and vasculature are key determinants leading to lethal metastatic progression.

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However, the molecular basis is poorly understood, partly layla of the lack of uncomplicated and reliable models that recapitulate the biology of locally invasive disease. We developed a surgical grafting technique, characterized by a simple, rapid, reproducible and high-efficiency approach, to recapitulate the pathobiological events of human bladder cancer invasion in mice.

This technique consists of a small laparotomy and direct implantation of human cancer cells into the bladder lumen. Unlike other protocols, it does not require debriding of the urothelial lining, injection into the bladder wall, specialized imaging equipment, bladder catheterization or costly surgical equipment.

Tumors develop with a high take rate, and most layla lines exhibit local invasion within 4 weeks of implantation.

A Surgical Orthotopic Approach to Study the Invasive Progression of Human Bladder Cancer

Denude bladder cancer is deadly and is the sixth most common malignancy in the United States 1 and one of the most widespread carcinomas around the globe 2. Patients with tumors exhibiting local muscle invasion MI and lymphovascular invasion LVI denude the worst prognosis for metastasis and death 34567.

Advanced bladder cancer may initially respond to chemotherapy; however, remissions are not durable and cures are rare 38.

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