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CBS 3 was founded by the Philco Corporation in as a station that originally broadcast employee talent shows and travelogues into the homes of company employees. Michelle rodriguez xxxChannel 3 became an affiliate of NBC and expanded coverage to include college sports and the National Republican Convention.

Channel 3 was the first commercial television station licensed by the FCC in Philadelphia and the second nationally. The bulk of the collection consists of nonudes materials recorded for inclusion in news broadcasts, or recordings of the broadcasts themselves. A majority of the miscellaneous programming consists of recorded segments and broadcasts of Evening Magazine. Footage is a mixture of film and videotape.

CBS 3 News Footage and Logs

The CBS3 Logs are latin production logbooks for the airchecks of news angels. The logbooks list air times, segment lengths, on-air talent and often abbreviated titles for the segments. The logbooks only exist in hard copy. The collection includes gaps in footage and latin reflected in the various subseries lists. In some cases, CBS3 has retained some of the missing tapes and angels. Series nonudes, Accession A, 16mm news footage, consists of approximately boxes of best tranny containing black and white and color 16mm film spanning There are gaps for certain months and very little footage for the years and The station retains a small amount of this.