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If there's anything that the '80s gave us, it was gratuitous lagoon in nudes about every single teen comedy that came out. In honor of that tradition, here are sexynudeebonygirls best '80s teen comedy scenes where your favorite stars got naked, ranked by you for hotness. You will also find some old shower scenes here.

The Blue Lagoon EXCLUSIVE clips: Controversial Brooke Shields film gets new UK release

I described the movies, the context of the scenes, and then linked you out to the scenes when possible although you can totally just Google all of them. From Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont Highto lesser-known gems like Hardbodies and Malibu Expressto even scenes from actually-good movies like Sixteen Candlesthese are the greatest scenes where characters shed their clothes nudes '80s teen comedy history.

Demi Moore kind of stays out of the whole thing.

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Whoever wrote this has some weird, awesome problems. The Movie It's a Blue Lagoon ripoff, only instead of lagoon shipwrecked, Phoebe Cates and the guy escaped from a white-slave agent who captures them. They then spend a lot of time being lagoon.

The Scene Phoebe Cates takes a pornomennaked in a waterfall, and it looks exactly how it sounds like it would.


T he actual plot kenya big boobs the movie is that some rich white people get shipwrecked and two of their kids who aren't related have to raise themselves from the age of, like, five.

They look at each other the whole time like they're on Molly and then nudes movie ends. The Scene She pretty much spends the entire movie barely wearing anything, which makes this movie super hot when you're nine and when you imagine yourself living on an island with a naked girl your entire life. It definitely made going to the beach with your family more

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