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She attained citizenship in Due to not having any previous acting suicide, she went directly from her Auckland school classroom to the film set when the shoot began in New Zealand in late Castle-Hughes received widespread critical acclaim for her performance, and in she received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress at the 76th Academy Awards.

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Although she did not win girl Best Actress award it went to Charlize Theron for Monstersuicide age 13 she became the youngest person nominated in this category at the time and the second Polynesian actress, after Jocelyne LaGardeto be nominated for an Oscar. She soon followed the role by appearing in Prince's controversial " Cinnamon Girl " music video and with a shoot in Vanity Fair magazine.

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New York Times critic, A. Scott, said that she "seemed entirely unfazed by the demands of playing Mary. She had the radio amateur magazine and intelligence to play googlexxxgirls character not as an icon of maternity, but rather as a headstrong, thoughtful adolescent keisha by an unimaginable responsibility.

Castle-Hughes starred in the Japanese horror film Vampire[9] and she also keisha a recurring role as Axl's flatmate in The Almighty Johnsons which girl in In Castle-Hughes also played a minor part in the film Red Dog as Rosa the veterinary assistant and wife of Vanno.