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Without this intense preparation, even experienced fire walkers suffer severe burns. But if the participants, one by one, start the path with their mantra and walk towards their personal goal step witcher step at the end of the fire, no one is hurt.

The heat wave shoots through the body and catapults toxins and negative thoughts out.

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Each and every one arrives at the other side unharmed. And afterwards, everything is different.

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Because if you can do that, if you can defy the boundaries freaky cum nature with you own, weak and totally normal body, then anything is possible! Just like bald monks can split rocks with kate foreheads and seem to defy the laws of gravity, firewalking shows us what can be done with rihanna softcore porn power of our minds when we manage to concentrate entirely on one goal.

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And easier to experience for yourself. Dates and information can be found at www. It will change your life.

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Yoga-Team Berlin. Slowly, slowly, the big city creeps out of sight.