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Jay chou nude

Taiwanese singer Jay Chou has been dubbed a 'jealous king' by Taiwanese media after he imposed three rules on his wife, model-actress Hannah Quinlivan, after marriage.

Jay Chou Likes Strutting Around Naked At Home

The three rules are to forbid her from filming kissing, bed, hugging and chou hands scenes. It pretty much means Hannah won't be allowed to have any body interaction with the actors. In fact, Jay protects himself very well and has expressed that he will nude film any kissing, bed and nude scenes in order to protect his singer image.

He said: Hannah disclosed that she has no objections to the three rules jay by adult comics archie husband and accepted the final decision after some discussion. No wonder Jay's good friend, Awayne Liu from Lollipop group said that he had cold sweat after filming kissing scenes with Hannah in a Mainland China series. She usually appears sexy when attending the events, but has reduced her sexy image ever since getting married, reported Asian E-News Portal.

Earlier, Hannah had shared a photo of herself without make-up and accidentally revealed her 'career line' on social media.

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She disclosed that she had to be careful next time. Netizens think that this shows she had incurred her husband's displeasure.

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