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However, the two sides exchanged gunfire through the night into Best nonnude morning along the so-called Line of Control in Kashmir, forcing villagers to flee their homes, though there were no reported casualties. Modi himself held a teleconference rally Thursday ahead of national elections, warning that "India's enemies are conspiring to create instability in the country through terror attacks.

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Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan had called for talks between the two nuclear-armed rivals in a televised address Wednesday, saying: World bude have called on the nations to de-escalate the tensions gripping the contested region since the suicide bombing.

India responded with an airstrike Tuesday inside Pakistan, the first such raid since the two nations' war over territory that later became Bangladesh. The situation escalated with Wednesday's aerial skirmish, which saw Pakistan say it shot down two Indian aircraft, one of which crashed in Women part of Kashmir and the other in India-controlled Kashmir. Pakistan later released a video of a man it identified as bude pilot. India acknowledged one of its MiGs, a Soviet-era fighter jet, was "lost" in skirmishes with Pakistan.

Pakistan, India trade fire in Kashmir; villagers flee homes

India's Ministry of External Affairs said late Wednesday it "strongly objected to Pakistan's vulgar display of an injured personnel of the Indian Air Force," and that it expects his immediate and safe return. Kashmir has been claimed by both India and Pakistan since almost immediately after their creation in The countries have fought three wars against each other, two katzu porno dealing with the indian region.

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Both Indian and Pakistani women reported small-arms fire and shelling along the Kashmir region indian Thursday.