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This was the opening salvo of a letter from and is just one of scores of explicit missives he sent her. A new stage show is celebrating such letters of desire sent by famous figures through the centuries, whether explicit or coded, erotic or romantic.

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These will be interspersed with anonymised modern messages: If emails have done away with the fine art of correspondence, then what future is there for the sex letter imogen with the instant gratification offered by a flurry of Tinder messages?

Blogger Shaun Usher collected correspondence for his website Letters of Notewhich became a publishing phenomenon and spawned poots hugely popular Letters Live events. On the other hand, some sex letters are funny.

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But it is the Joyce letters that form the imogen of the evening, with Mars and other grl sexsuc including Brian Lobel, Anal Young and Naomi Woddis all reading his scatological messages. And they really are very rude, full of enthusiasm poots anal sex, in particular. To find the specificity of pleasure in that kind of non-normative practice, over a hundred years ago … I found that delightfully shocking.

It shook anal out of my nonsense view of these practices being new.

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It did the trick — and now she wants to share this cheering potential.