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If you are looking to get a huge hard on, you came to the right place. Reality TV sensation Nicole Alexander and her dirty little tape will give you a boner indeed!

WATCH: Nicole 'Hoopz' Alexander Homemade Sex Tape [ FULL ]

It alexander well known that reality TV stars have naked thing for making erotic videos and leaking them to the public to get more publicity. We believe this is possibly the case for Ms. Is this your first time alexander about Nicole? They split in and their fans were devastated, they all thought Nikki would be the next Shaunie his hoops.

Nicole Nikki Hoopz Alexander And Nikki Hoopz Alexander Sex Photos

But how did she get her naked taste of fame? Inshe was the winner of Flavor of Loveit was the first season of the popular show and she definitely made a lasting impression. Prior to her career in the entertainment world, she was a Transportation Security Administration for the Detroit airport.

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She was just living a normal life, working like all of us before she became the hot and gorgeous woman she is today. Today she is living the good life.

Nicole Alexander ‘Hoopz’ Famous Sex Tape

She bought a big house in Tennessee, launched a clothing business and is expanding her brand towards other avenues. She has even dabbled in producing television series. This woman is a hard-working female who is hoops to keep hustling to the day she dies. In a recent interview, Nikki jordana brester nakedpictures opened up about her former NBA husband-to-be Shaq and their seemingly adorable relationship.