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C aroline, who is 10 weeks pregnant, clutches a colourful antenatal zip-file folder sex the NHS. It has pregnancy advice written all over it, telling her to eat healthily and stay active. The year-old is one of many who have been getting food, but also mental health support at the Soup Kitchen at the Homless international church on Tottenham Court Videos in central London. The beautiful transsexual is the first of its kind, with no other soup kitchen having ever opened up a mental health clinic on site.

Alex Brown, the director of the Soup Kitchen, first made the suggestion.

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He felt that by giving free mental health support to homeless people you could help them get off the streets. Michael Brown, tube mom sex Soup Kitchen trustee and the founder of the advertising company MKTG, helped by setting up a crowdfunding page to raise money for a part-time therapist.

Soup Kitchen serves up mental health support to London's homeless

There were further steps to take before launching but they opened their doors with a party last week. Last week Caroline was being helped by Dr Dobrochna Zajas, a cognitive behavioural therapist.

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She and her colleague Dr Brett Grellier have been offering specialist therapy, using techniques tailored for those who have been through trauma. Realising they were being exploited, she and her partner left their employer and attempted to find other work.

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But Caroline had to give up her job when her boyfriend became suicidal. She was later raped and that resulted in her current pregnancy.

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Stories like hers can be unearthed through Zajas, who speaks several languages, and relevant support then provided.