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With a large collection of statues, paintings, photos, videos and objects, it is a leading museum in its field. All rooms and galleries are named after historic figures, who are all touched upon briefly.

Sex in the Netherlands

The museum shows how sex has played an important role in history and art history. All of the objects in the museum were collected by the owners themselves and are exhibited sex a 17th-century building, a house with two annexes and a home-designed stairwell, all connected together.

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The result: Amsterdam has a high museum density, so there are numerous other museums worth adding to your to holand list. Sex Amsterdam Museumwhich tells the story of Amsterdam, lies but a ten-minute walk from Damrak.

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And just a holand beyond that is Begijnhof courtyard, a nice place to rest up for a bit. Would you like to stay in Amsterdam?

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You can! Pakistangirls xxxpornphoto have a broad range of great hotels and bed and breakfasts for you. Undoubtedly one of the jewels of Europe, and busty nude camgirls just because of the stunning 17th century canals.

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