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Lad tries to impress girls with his abs – gets a shock when one babe FLASHES him

A BLOKE attempting to trick ladies into staring at his topless bod had no idea he was about to get an eyeful of his own. He wants a bevvy of beauties to tell him what colour his T-shirt is — and he has cheekily left the top of his hoody undone. The ladies fall hook, line and sinker for the quiz, being told that if they get it wrong the bloke gets their numbers. Showing off an incredible set of washboard abs the bloke — who is actually popular online fitness model Connor Murphy — has many of the girls giggling.

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But Connor — who has more thansubscribers on his YouTube channel — is in girls a swimming naked pics from one brunette babe. She walks off unimpressed when he strips in front of her, then returns to tell him: The video has been watched more than 7.

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Another said: Another saucy video that emerged this week showed a abs blonde model strolling around Hong Kong totally naked from the waist down. Bizarrely, nobody bats an eyelid at the tall beauty — because she has been painted to appear as though she is wearing jeans.

By Zoe Drewett.