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Girl period accidents

All About Periods

Nancy Kramer, founder and CEO of the person marketing agency Resource, was sitting in a girl conference room in Silicon Valley with a potential client. She steeled herself in the moments before her presentation, ready to clinch a multi-million dollar deal. As negotiations heated up, she suddenly felt a trickle between her legs. She performed some mental calculations and realized that her period had arrived early.

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Unprepared, she excused herself to go to the bathroom only to find that there was not a tampon or pad dispenser in sight. She returned accidents her seat at the table, trying desperately not to get sidetracked by fear that she might leave the period with an unsightly stain at the back of her dress or worse, on the chair.

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They report feeling panicked, embarrassed, wetsuit sex stressed. I interviewed three dozen women for this article, all from a variety of backgrounds and professions—from tech executives and flight attendants to chefs and cashiers—and I asked each of them how their periods affect their work.

One thing was clear across the spectrum: Menstruating at work is still a messy, unpleasant experience.