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A report in the journal Archives of Sexual Behaviour describes an unusual field trip made by Canadian videos Debra W. Soh — to a furry convention, expecting to witness some kind of sexual free-for-all or free-fur-all.

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Since first discovering their existence two years ago while working as a research assistant in a sexology lab, whenever people ask me what I do, I respond with a question of my own: Thus, she went to Furnal Equinoxan annual Toronto furry convention, along with over other attendees.

Is it a genuine paraphilia [sexual disorder]? Or gangbangpirn the media exaggerating? Is furries even about sex sex all?

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Many of the convention-goers were dressed in the elaborate fursuits escort ass make their community famous, but Soh was in civilian attire; she says that. In fact, she saw nothing sexual at the whole convention except some erotic anthropomorphized fan art that was on sale. Instead, the furries were chatting, playing board games, smoking, and so on.

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And showing off their fursuits:.