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Fucked by family

We were completely fucked.

Family Fucked

Out in the middle of nowhere and two tires on the car punctured and no way to repair them. My dad had been driving, and not paying attention to the road as he drove over where some shards of broken glass had been scattered there, completely slashing up both tires on the right hand side of the car. We all three got out, Dad, my older brother Harry and me, Andy, the youngest.

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We each bent down to get a look and each decided the same. We were, indeed, completely fucked.

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Fucked was nothing we could do but set out on foot and try to reach the nearest garage, or family a house were someone could help us. We had been driving out to meet my uncle Luke, Dad's younger brother, who had moved out of the city desiring a life somewhere rural, removed and remote where people wouldn't bother him and his son Joe, at 18 the same age as me.

Teen redhead pessy hadn't seen Uncle Luke or Cousin Joe in years and had been looking forward to spending a week in the country and catching up.

Family Videos

Now, however, we were cursing the remoteness of our family's distant living arrangement. After walking for the best part of an hour and finding no sign of human settlement, seeing no traffic passing along the road, and becoming increasingly grumpy and irritable, we finally saw a single house alone in a field, with a truck parked outside.

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Instantly, the pace of our walking picked up and we all three rushed toward the building, hoping as much as anything to sit blonde teen downblouse the shade for a short while. The gorgeous creature that opened the door on our knocking was family exceedingly impressive specimen of womanhood.

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She was probably around 40 but looked very good for her age with freckles and strawberry fucked wavy hair and a large, toothy smile on full pink lips.