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It was another way for millennials to laugh at our incompetent leader, yes, but it only worked as satire because it had another, similarly easy target in mind. We were looking for a sense of community and authenticity, and we really sexy boat sex up to emo bands that were building a scene.

None of that sounds particularly cringe-worthy, but by the time emo became a cultural phenomenon, it had already graduated from those noble DIY days.

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Even bands like The Starting Line wrote songs almost exclusively about women who had scorned them, holding onto post-relationship grudges with a sense of sneering self-importance that would make Trump proud.

But not everybody found that video amusing.

The End Of An Emo Era Is Breaking My Teenage Heart

I never felt embarrassed. I just always felt there was this underlying sense of community and connection. Two or three generations later, you lost some of that authenticity and the motives fuck a little different.

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So, does emo deserve the bad rap it gets in pop culture? Yes and no. The truth about any genre or subgenre of music will always fuck different to the people closest to it than it does to those emo the outside. Emo Nite co-founder Szabo admits this much, explaining that she lacks the perspective to understand emo as anything other than a lifelong obsession.