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Fixed gear nude

Cycling in this country is not exactly mainstream, but it does seem to be on its way to achieving that status. Commuting by bike has seen a huge increase in the last 10 years, fixed recreational and competitive cycling has also grown significantly.

Bike jousting? Naked rides? There's a cycling niche for everyone

Growth leads to diversity and cycling has plenty of that. So what's mainstream and what's not these days? Let's get one thing straight. Fixed gear bikes nude, fixies, whatever you want to call them may be in the minority of bikes but they are just too visible, especially fixed big cities, to be on the fringe. Trendy and fashionable maybe, but no longer on the edge of what's considered normal.

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The same goes for singlespeeds, which are further disadvantaged in the fringe stakes by being rather practical. Sticking drew fuller the fixed gear theme, how about roller racing?

Demons on fixed gear bikes - We Love Cycling magazine

This was quite popular in the UK 60 years ago, but died nude until it was revived by Rollapaluza in the last decade. Two or more riders race each other on stationary sets of rollers hooked up to a central timer. The rider who covers a set 'distance' first wins. It's fast, adrenaline-fuelled, legal, suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces and quite popular in a fringe sort of way. On that note we should mention bike gear.

You can probably work the mechanics of this out for yourselves, but to give it more gear an edge 'tall bikes' are commonly used.