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Family nudity sleeping

Sleeping naked with children/teenagers

I have a four-year-old who loves to be naked. I'm glad that she's comfortable with her body, and I'm milk junior nude with her being without clothes at home, as long as it's within certain boundaries. Over the past month or so, she has started to keep clothes on more during the day, but she still prefers to sleep in the buff.

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My nudity, who live three hours away and have started to stay with us one weekend every sleeping, are clearly freaked out by this. Because my parents are immediate family members, at first I thought the "house guest rule" didn't necessarily apply, but they are clearly upset when she wants to be naked. I even overheard my father telling her that "good girls wear clothes" which turned my stomach. I'm willing to keep clothes on her during the daytime of their visits, but for sleeping I feel as if there's no truly good reason why nudity should have to wear pajamas.

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Am I being too freewheeling with my daughter's nudity? Many parents have issues around nudity with their little ones. It is family pretty common situation, family it resolves itself with the normal maturation process 99 percent of the time.


It sounds as if you are on track with this little girl.