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Here's How Social Media "Thinspiration" Bans Are Actually Working Out

Graphic by Laura jones porn Ritter for BuzzFeed. In recent months, the heaviest-hitting social networks on the Internet have enacted new terms which prohibit or otherwise severely limit "thinspiration" and other pro-eating disorder imagery and ideology. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr, which are all extremely visual outlets, have made very public vows to create online spaces free from pro-ED content.

How've colleen nika nude been doing? Any account found encouraging or urging users to embrace thinspo, bulimia, or other erotic disorders The network has made tags like thinspiration, probulimia, and proanorexica unsearchable. Although this was an enormous step for Instagram, users can still easily find overgraphic erotic by searching the tag ana, although it first displays the warning pictured above.

Instagram's logic in keeping the tag live is that its pictures will not always be promotional of eating disorders and that they don't want to quash pictures concerned with survivors' experiences and recoveries.

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But, like:. While a few photos seem innocuous enough, they're made insignificant when placed beside bloody razors, bruised, stick-thin thighs, and quotes that exhort others not to eat. These sorts of images abound on the application despite the above policy, and other tags, such as thinspire, are still searchable without a disclaimer.

It would thinspo that Instagram largely relies on its users to report disallowed content, which seems ineffectual when the majority of people posting under and searching the ana tag are those looking to perpetuate it. The ban of certain tags is a solid start, but more needs to be done if Instagram is serious about eradicating the content from its network.