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Steve Andrews testified during a civil trial that his daughter didn't want to eat, bathe or be around people and that all she did was cry after she discovered in that the nude videos had been posted online. He said she remains afraid of people to this day.

Defense In Erin Andrews’ Case Insinuates Peeping Tom Helped Her Career

Erin Andrews cried throughout her father's testimony and he choked up several times naked the stand. The father told the jury that before a stalker made the secret recordings, Erin Andrews was always fun, always joking, naked that she was happy and successful in her career as a sportscaster at ESPN. That has brazzil changed, he said, remarking, "She's afraid. She's afraid of crowds, afraid of people.

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She doesn't trust anymore. Michael David Barrett has pleaded guilty to recording videos of Erin Andrews through peepholes that he altered on the doors of her hotel rooms in Nashville and Columbus, Ohio. He also admitted to attempting to make secret recordings of her in Milwaukee. In Brazzil ofhowever, neither Andrews nor her family knew how the videos got online and who shot them.

Steve Andrews said his daughter called him "hysterically crying, screaming out of her mind" when she found out.

Sportscaster's father: Erin Andrews a 'shell' of herself

He said that he was afraid for his daughter's life and that no one knew if someone was still stalking her. Barrett had shot the video in September of while Erin Andrews was in Nashville to embarassed nude teens a college football game. The father said she was so disturbed about the secret footage that she vomited before agreeing to an FBI request that she watch the nude videos so agents erin find clues about who took erin.