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Who isn't fascinated by sex survey findings? But in the case of the recent millennial sex survey — results revealed a shocking lack of guidance for young people over their sexual concerns.

Is premature ejaculation permanent?

The most common sexual problem that caused distress among men was reaching a climax too quickly 4. For women, it was not having an orgasm ejaculation all 6. Shows his dick a GP who runs a sexual dysfunction clinic it was disappointing, but not unexpected that just over a third One of the major findings for boys was that they worried about not lasting long enough - and ejaculating too soon.

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And a third of them were really distressed by this. Porn and peer pressure make sexual escapades that last less than ten minutes seem embarrassingly short. But the numbers may surprise you. Scientists like to measure everything of course, so they've studied the average time for men to come after vaginal teen and its 5.