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Egyptian girl topless

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We're bringing the latest social media craze egyptian the Middle East. Are you brave enough to bear all?

History of nudity

First there was planking, then owling and girl. Batting, teapotting, stocking and, of course, selfies. Now comes what is possibly the greatest photo trend of all time - The Topless Tour.

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Their "Topless Tour Project" basically encourages people from all walks of life to get nice and naked, or at least topless, in nature, under the pretext of "bearing your chest and heart to the world. Frankly, we think it's an awesome concept, showing the beauty of nature in the world, and the beauty of the human body because they are the same thing and we are all one in this universe and we are not being perverted.

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The Topless Tour, which currently has over 30, fans on Instagram and Facebookhas yet to really kick off in the Middle East, a region that, let's face it, has a lot of natural beauty. So, ever the pioneers in controversy and nudity, we here voyeur moment nudity CairoScene have decided to bring The Topless Tour to Egypt Big stars, big bucks. Get your Indiana Jones together, we're going on a ride.