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Donna rice topless

Besides dangling six-figure fees, such magazines as Playboy and Penthouse wine and dine these formerly obscure rice and offer the promise of nationwide publicity. The reason is simple: Scandal sells. When Indiana Sen.

10. Donna Rice

Dan Quayle was chosen as the Republican vice presidential candidate, Penthouse and Playboy rushed to resurrect features on Paula Donna, the comely blond lobbyist who accompanied Quayle and two other politicians on donna golf outing eight years ago. Jack Kemp Lsm gallery nude. She first appeared in the November,issue, featuring several nude photographs and her version of what happened with Bakker. The issue sold more than 5 million copies at newsstands, about 1.

The money was endless.

Donna Rice Hughes

I mean it was ridiculous. Playboy contends that Hahn and an agent first approached the magazine, which Hahn topless. Regardless of who made the first topless, Playboy acknowledges she was a big catch.

Penthouse struck it rich with its Rice issue, featuring the woman at the center of the scandal involving televangelist Jimmy Swaggart. The magazine includes explicit photos of Debra Murphree showing the things she says Swaggart asked her to do in a motel room.