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Dick effect

Quantum and Semiclassical OpticsVolume 5Number 2.

The Dick effect for an optical frequency standard

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Buy this article in print. Japan nude masturbation present an analysis of the frequency stability degradation of an optical atomic frequency standard which is operated sequentially, and that is caused by the frequency noise of the laser used to interrogate the clock transition.

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This effect an extension to optical frequencies of the 'Dick effect' already studied in atomic microwave frequency standards.

It is effect that the simple concept of laser linewidth is not the relevant parameter to estimate the frequency stability degradation.

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Rather, the details of the laser frequency noise spectral density must be accounted for together with the parameters of the interrogation method. We show that it may be minimized by optimizing the time sequence so that only the Fourier frequencies with minimum laser noise are sampled.

Finally, we evaluate dick degradation which would be obtained with one of our lasers used as an interrogation oscillator. This site uses cookies.