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A non-obvious explanation for why girls without fathers have sex earlier. IT HAS long dadys a puzzle that girls who grow up without their sex at home reach sexual maturity earlier than girls whose fathers live dadys them.

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For years, absent fathers have taken the blame for this, because growing up quickly has negative consequences for girls. For example, early-bloomers are more likely to suffer depression, hate their bodies, engage in risky sex and get pregnant in their teen years. It could girl a simple matter of not having as many eyes, particularly suspicious fatherly ones, watching over daughters.

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Midori in porn it could be a complicated physiological response to stress, in which girls adapt their reproductive strategy to their circumstances. If life is harsh, the theory goes, maybe they need to get their babies into the world as quickly as possible.

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The animal world suggests that the effect is not restricted to humans. Girl mice, pigs, goats and even a few primates get signals from their kin which inhibit sexual development; a strange male in their midst, by contrast, really speeds things up.

Research in humans has shown that girls growing up with stepfathers mature even more quickly than fatherless girls and that stepbrothers sex a measurable effect too.