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Has anyone been there? We will have kids with us ranging from 4 to 8, would this teens a fun excursion for them?


We went to the zoo a few years back and really enjoyed it. We went because our hotel was close by and we had a few hours to kill before our flight home.

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It ended up being one croco the highlights of our trip! You have your own private guide who was a vet student I believe and you can pet, vanessa run nude, hold and learn bigbigbooobs all sorts of creatures.

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My daughter who was 9 at the time really enjoyed it, well we all did. I don't know where that hotel is so can't help you there, I believe Crococun was about minutes north of Playa. We love animals so we made a point of going.

It isn't a big zoo but you can take your time and visit the many birds, monkeys, deers, crocs, hairless dogs, lizzards etc.

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They have tour guides there as well.