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You're pornopictures to be reading this. Because of the pitifully low number of visitors to this site, Spite Magazine's board of directors threatened babs bunny naked shut us down early last week.

But during a dramatic meeting of its top staff members, Spite was saved from what seemed like certain death. As editor, I will never forget that day. The staff had gathered at its New York City office:.

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Instead of our goal of 1, visits a day, we attract roughly 1, visits a month. And if we don't do something pronto, we are each out of a job. I will not be a party to such commercialism! We need eyeballs looking at this site, and we need them soon!

Amos Jester. He said "Hold uba minit, mate.

I'fe gotta uhdea. I'll puht togetha a goncert that'll be tops. Zhat way, we do't cox to worry 'bout ow many fooking 'its we git, cos we'll be fooking millionaires. Courteney brother LIAM had refused to attend.