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Colombian meant that from a young age, I was exposed to two completely different cultures and languages, two completely different ethos and two completely different ways of boobs life.

The Pros and Cons of My Colombian Curves

And I never really struggled with which to identify with. Though I spent most of my childhood and adolescence in the states, I always felt more connected with the Hispanic part of me. It could be because I grew up primarily with my mother and fully Colombian big brother, mechanical sex perhaps because whenever I took that five-hour plane journey from JFK to Medellin, I was met with passion and energy and vitality.

It always felt women home. I loved it there.

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I loved how friendly and welcoming the people were. I loved the food.


I loved the spice of the Spanish language. One of those aspects was the confusion I felt over societal perceptions of beauty.

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Mainstream U. Certainly not in the eyes of a young girl. But Colombia was, and still is, just perplexing.