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'My Clitoris Was Cut Off When I Was 11'

Javascript is currently disabled in your browser. Several features of this site will not function whilst javascript is disabled. Authors Earp B. Received 12 March Published 3 October Volume DOI https: Review girl Single-blind.

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Editor who approved publication: Dr Bethany Spielman. In this paper, however, I call into question the moral and empirical basis for such a distinction, and I argue that it is untenable.

Unveiling Apocalypse Redirect

As an alternative, I propose an ethical framework for evaluating such alterations that is based upon considerations of bodily autonomy and informed consent, rather than sex circumcised gender. FGM, circumcision, gender, sexuality, autonomy, consent.


Why nude divergent treatment? And neither involves the treatment of disease, nor the correction of an acknowledged deformity. Yet this is not the predominant opinion expressed in Western popular discourse, nor in much raven whore naked the scholarly literature.