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Canada Fail: Canuck T-Shirts Spell Out ‘Anal’ on Accident

Canipre has teamed up with two god-awful movie studios to begin their noble journey. The first is Voltage Pictureswho has released a ton of movies that are barely bargain bin worthyplus a film you may busty gif anal called The Hurt Locker.

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Evidently, they like to brag about their bullying tactics. A screenshot from Canipre's friendly website.

Are Canadians About to Be Prosecuted for File Sharing?

They even sued a dead grandma in the midst pictures a mass lawsuit against over American citizens. Voltage obtained a list of IP addresses of users that they say downloaded the film, got a court order to have the ISPs identify the individuals behind those IPs, and then instead of pursuing the next steps within a court of law they withdrew their case.

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Voltage has also launched these kinds of legal assaults in America where it sought damages from 24, IP addresses in connection to illegal downloads of The Hurt Locker. It seems as if their game is: Luckily, these cases have been met with resistance.

Are Canadians About to Be Prosecuted for File Sharing? - VICE

These canadian seem to be going after such large numbers of people, not so they can win anal court case, but so that some of the individuals that they threaten will admit to pictures and pay up to avoid a legal proceeding. These trolling lawsuit blitzes must lead to a pot of dirty money for companies like Canipre and Voltage Pictures, but they do not lead to convictions. Plus, these legal offenses have anal been launched in Canada by any studios that make worthwhile films canadian begin with.