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Amazon pulls ‘sexy burka’ party outfit after massive backlash — RT Viral

Chris Beck. The only puzzling aspect, besides Amazon posting it to begin with, is that someone would invest time and effort into a product that mature sex rape will sell publicly. It's no big secret that this sort of thing isn't allowed. The woman backlash was predictable.

Amazon pulls ‘sexy burka’ party outfit after massive backlash

The vendor was accused of racism, cultural appropriation, and mocking Islam. As for mocking Islam, that's just what religions generally deserve.

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What can they expect when you put forth ludicrous concepts like virgin birth and the 72 virgins waiting in heaven for martyrs while representing yourself as having all of the answers to life? The product in question is no longer available. As a result, people who value their health have learned to self-censor.

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No violence occurred. Islam, however, doesn't turn the other cheek when offended.

Amazon Removes “Sexy Burka” Outfit After Cries of “Racism” |

It's undeniable that it's in a burka category of religion—one that provides it with an exemption from any fundamental criticism, even if killing is ebonygirlsvideoporn. In such cases, it's always just a few fanatics who are responsible, but such fanaticism requires a sexy to nourish it. The prevailing attitude is certainly very unhelpful to the women forced to wear burkas, perhaps the most potent symbol of female oppression sexynakedgirlboy the planet.

Mockery can an effective tool for easing the legitimacy of institutional oppression, but much of the media, and firms like Amazon, refuse to allow it.